Q&A with Morgan Fletcher!

Updated: Oct 2, 2020

We shot with Morgan at the end of September and enjoyed working with her so much that we wanted to let you all in on her magic. A true champion of women, Morgan sat down with us for a quick Q&A on what women's empowerment means to her. Oh, did we mention she's only 17 years old? A star is soon to be born...

Q: Who is the most inspiring woman in your life?

A: My mom because the way she treats people is always with kindness and she is very selfless. She was a public school teach for 12 years and gave up her career to teach my brother and I and to be able to travel with me. I think how selfless she is is so empowering.

Q: What is a strength that you have that you can use to strengthen other women?

A: I would say confidence is very important and to be able to hype each other up and to just tell them how amazing they look each and every day. It's just so important to be kind. I feel like with social media now, we are constantly comparing ourselves to one another and it's good to be uplifting opposed to tearing each other down.

Q: What are actions you currently take to empower other women?

A: I think being in the modeling industry, it can be competitive with other girls but just to try to remove that and encourage and compliment other women is so important. Even just in my personal life too in the mornings I will text my friends "good morning. Remember that you are beautiful. Have an amazing day!" It just boils down to being kind if the most important thing because it's rare to come across these days.

Q: For those that are struggling with selfworth, how do you remain so true to yourself and so confident?

A: I always try to remember you were made for a reason and what will be yours will be yours regardless. It's always important to remember that other people's success does not dictate your own and what is made for you will be for you. You are made perfectly, just how you are. You don't need to change for anyone.

Q: Where will you be in 10 years? Where can we find you?

A: Hopefully somewhere modeling overseas! That's the goal!

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