Q&A with Ashante Horne!

Updated: Oct 2, 2020

We shot our second look book with Ashante and from the moment we met her we knew we had to share her with the world! Her fierce energy, quick wits and showstopping beauty are the perfect combination for any #bouvbabe.

Q: Who is the most inspiring woman in your life?

A: My mom. She can carry the weight of the world on her shoulders with such grace and class and I have never heard her complain about it. She is a true boss and an inspiration to me.

Q: What is a strength you have and how can you use that strength to help other women?

A: A strength I have is looking for the best in every situation. I can use that strength to help guide women in a more positive mindset in their life.

Q: Can you tell us about a time where you have worked to empower another woman?

A: I have a coworker that second guesses herself all the time. I continually remind her that it's ok to make mistakes and to not beat herself up over any past mistakes. We have to be our biggest cheerleaders and we can not do that by speaking negatively about our lives.

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