International (every)Day Of The Girl

Today, October 11 is declared International Day of the Girl, a celebration that began 25 years ago to recognize girls' rights and to bring awareness to the challenges, biases, dangers and injustices young girls face.

Interational Day of the Girl is meant to promote empowerment, something BOUV knows well. This holiday advocates for basic human rights, such as education and bodily autonomy.

BOUV donates 10% of all proceeds annually to three non-profit oranizations that were built solely on the mission to fight for women's rights and help to advance women in leadership positions. You can do more than help celebrate this holiday today, but celebrate, encourage and fight for women's equality everyday.

Looking for a way to start? Start with BOUV; a small, women-owned label that was created to fight for all things that this day represents. You'll feel empowered wearing a piece from BOUV, not only confident you have on a quality piece of jewelry, but a piece that stands for bettering the next generation of women.

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